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During COVID restrictions, it was difficult for fundraisers to engage with families and those that would normally support them throughout the year. Fundraising fell short, while demand remained. 

Having served as a PTA (Parent Teacher Association) Chair, and a life long fund-raiser both professionally and as a volunteer, I saw the need for COVID-friendly fundraising and created Kids Klothes to close the gap. Post COVID – we continue to support children’s charities and clubs. 

Kids Klothes allows you to call on those that support your work, ask for their help (while cleaning out their closets at the same time) and generate funds for your cause. Win-Win.

Second hand is on trend… Consumers like you have become more aware of the issues and want to do their part. So please join me in our effort to support our children through fundraising, while buying a little something or two that’s been pre-loved. 

We are a social enterprise which will ensure impact in the following ways:

  • Fundraise for schools and clubs
  • Reduce our carbon footprint by recycling and upcycling clothes with ‘life left to live’
  • Engage with TY (transition year) and third level students so they can learn about e-commerce by ‘doing’

Your supporters have pre-loved items they no longer need and your school, club or charity needs funding to support your mission. It’s a win-win, easy and simple to do!

Nancy Ward, as Founder….

I have served as a fundraiser and Executive Director for a variety of large and small non profits over the years, and served and lead many a volunteer committee. I’m passionate about fashion, up-cycling and re-cycling! A seamstress from the age of 5, you could say this project has been within me, my entire life.

I was thrilled to launch this Social Enterprise in March 2021 to ensure supports for our children, your success as a volunteer and save the planet. Not bad for a day’s work.

 My Professional Profile can be found here on LinkedIn. 

Save The Planet

Buying second-hand clothing shows your commitment to a sustainable lifestyle. Especially when it comes to infant, toddler and children’s clothing. If you are a parent, you know first-hand how often some clothing items go unworn or only get one outing! It’s mad! These clothes CAN have a second, third or sometimes fourth life within multiple households. YOU can be part of the life-cycle by donating and or buying.

Save the Planet