fundraising for YOUR cause


Your school, club or organisation needs funds to do the magic that you do with young people. Your community of parents and supporters have childrens clothes they no longer need. 


  1. We at Kids Klothes work with you the Cause, to select a date and time to host a collection. 
  2. Kids Klothes create promotional material for you to use to spread the word about the upcoming collection and promote on social media.
  3. You and the volunteers with the Cause organise a contact free drop off to gather the donation of clothing, shoes and uniforms (babies through primary school sizing). 
  4. We at Kids Klothes, collect it from you in one batch.
  5. Kids Klothes hold your items for two weeks (COVID cooling off period).
  6. Kids Klothes post photos and log all the details of the items on our online shop to include brand, size, condition and cause to benefit.
  7. You promote the sale to your supporters on the agreed date (again, we provide promotional materials, and Kids Klothes can promote too) 
  8. (Optional) we deliver all orders over the first 48 hours to you at no charge (which will incentivise purchasing in that window) 
  9. 50% of proceeds on items sold will be transferred to you on a monthly basis for up to 6 months. (Unsold items are reduced by 10% each month after the first 30 days, to increase the odds of a sale.) After 6 months, any items remaining will be donated to a local clothing collection for further recycling.

Easy Peasy!  

Contact Nancy to chat through the options – or 087 329 8090

NOTE: We will only accept and post the following items, and they must be in good condition: 

Tops, Shirts, Hoodies, Skirts, Leggings, Shorts, Jeans, Track Suit Bottoms, Dresses, Jumpers, Jackets, Coats, Shoes, Boots (NO Socks, Jocks or Knickers) 

Join in on the fundraising!