shopping for a cause




Kids’ clothes can be costly, so put that money towards a college fund and buy some pre-loved items that give them the look they want while not breaking the bank. We carry infants up through primary school age clothing and shoes. Most items will be listed from 10% to 50% of the original retail price. Hard to beat that kind of value.

Most kids’ clothes fashion trends don’t shift dramatically. Most items involve bright or pastel colours, fun animal and or cartoon images and funny sayings. These pieces will always be ‘cool’ to wear. And sure, RETRO is a fashion trend in and of itself! We haven’t even mentioned costumes – second-hand is great for costumes – both ready to wear and ‘makey-uppey’ costumes that can be created from a shop like this. The possibilities are endless.

We are committed to being clear about quality. Every  item labeled New / Unworn (with tags), Like New OR Pre-Loved (showing a bit of wear). You will see a photo of the front and back of the item, the label or tag (when present) and any ‘imperfections’ so that you can get the full picture of the item before buying.